Light, an intelligent language for communication

LiFi is a wireless communication technology which utilizes light to transmit data and position between devices. In terms of its end use, the technology is similar to Wi-Fi but uses light to transmit data instead of radio frequency.

Using light to transmit data allows LiFi to offer several advantages, most notably a wider bandwidth channel, the ability to safely function in areas otherwise susceptible to electromagnetic interference (e.g. aircraft cabins, hospitals, military), and offering higher transmission speed and low latency.

It is interesting to realise that lights that illuminate offices, homes, cars, factories, our streets and more locations also can connect us to data and hence power the growing demand for connectivity and speed.

At this conference professionals from all over the globe will gather together in order to share applications, ideas, new developments and ways to integrate LiFi in services, both for consumers and professionals.

The following topics will be covered:

Who will attend!
Business Development, Innovation staff, developers and management of:
Telecom / Datacom | System integrators | Electrical Contractors | Service providers | Hardware manufacturers | Fiber optics | Retailers | Real Estate | Industry 4.0 | Automotive industry | Aviation industry | Defence industry | Semicon | Government | Regulatory institutions | Investors | Start-Ups | Photonics industry | Gaming industry

Co-Branding Partner

Light Communication Alliance
The Light Communications Alliance (LCA) is an open, non-profit association of member organizations who aim to promote Light Communication technology. Founded in 2019, the LCA brings together global, innovative leaders across the communications, lighting, infrastructure and device manufacturing industries. The LCA mission is to drive a consistent, focused and concise approach to market education that will highlight the benefits, use cases and timelines for Light Communication.

LiFi is based on photonics which offers a broad spectrum of applications.