Light Communications Alliance is co-branding partner of the LiFi Conference

The Light Communications Alliance (LCA) is the authority on light communication. We are the most extensive light communications alliance in the world, a recognised leader.

We are building demand for light communication through collaboration. As an alliance we leverage partnerships between industry leaders to validate use cases and build functioning ecosystems. With the aim of ultimately inspiring global investment in light communication.

We want to help the world communicate by driving investment in light communication.

To inspire investment we:

  • Educate | We educate the market on the commercial viability of use cases, and create a deep, holistic system level understanding of the technology.
  • Lobby | We facilitate adoption by getting the views and solutions of our alliance members into policy consultations.
  • Build | We foster strong participation in collaborative works between members, which accelerate the viability and adoption of new technologies within our ecosystem.

We are the most extensive light communications alliance in the world. The breadth of our membership allows us to accurately aggregate market demand and influence research, development and deployment.

Light communication (LC) is an emerging technology that intends to enable high speed internet access and works on the principle of intensity modulation of existing solid-state lighting infrastructure, often involving light-emitting diodes (LEDs). LC offers several key advantages over traditional radio-frequency based access networks.

  • Speed & Bandwidth | Multiple Gbps, full bandwidth available to multiple users.
  • Low Latency | Typically lower latency than radio frequency, reduced buffering, no dropout.
  • Near Zero Electromagnetic Signature | Unlike radio frequency LC has a near zero electromagnetic signature.
  • Quality of Connection | Interference free 1,000x data density.
  • Military Grade Security | Physically contained and immune to interference.
  • Unlicensed Spectrum | LC operates in spectrums which are not subject to licensing in any country.

Light Communications Alliance is involved in the conference program. For more information about us, visit our website.

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