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Light Communication Alliance
The Light Communications Alliance (LCA) is an open, non-profit association of member organizations who aim to promote Light Communication technology. Founded in 2019, the LCA brings together global, innovative leaders across the communications, lighting, infrastructure and device manufacturing industries. The LCA mission is to drive a consistent, focused and concise approach to market education that will highlight the benefits, use cases and timelines for Light Communication.

Consolite is a leading designer, manufacturer and supplier of night vision lighting technology also a leading producer of advanced warship lighting system. Our latest development is the design and manufacture of military LiFi communication systems. We are at the forefront of the latest technology.
We have a full capability in design, development, manufacture and test of night vision lighting systems and other lighting equipment. Read more.

Industry partners

International Solid State Lighting Alliance (ISA) is a not-for-profit organization consists of regional alliances, association/society, leading companies and renowned universities in global Solid State Lighting (SSL) field.
The Business of ISA members have covered the whole SSL value chain of upstream, middlestream and downstream of global SSL industry such as epitaxy, packaging application, materials and equipment, design system integration and testing etc. Read more..
HomeGrid Forum (HGF) is an industry alliance formed to support the development and deployment of a unified coaxial, phoneline, powerline, and plastic optical fiber home networking technology called (Gigabit Home Networking). technology is based on standards developed by the UN’s International Telecommunications Union – Telecom (ITU-T) standards development organization.
HomeGrid Certification ensures compliance and interoperability (C&I) of silicon and systems through plugfests and rigorous C&I testing. A logo is issued for certified systems’ packaging and documentation of systems. HGF Certification ensures that retail customers and Service Providers have confidence in, and great satisfaction with all HGF Certified Certified products. Read more..


LiFi Tech News is a media news platform covering articles, photos, videos and news about LiFi, the next level and revolution in wireless communications. LiFi Tech News mission is to enlighten individuals and bring awareness of the mechanism, potential, applications and benefits of this wireless communication technology called LiFi.
Read more. is a website about LiFi, a new technology that uses light sources to transmit data. Our mission is to promote LiFi and inform people about this technology and the exciting opportunities it brings. Every day, our team works hard to create engaging content about LiFi and visible light communications technologies. We believe LiFi has the ability to improve lives around the world. We are always looking for highly skilled technology writers. Do you like writing about technology and do you think you would be a great fit for the team? We would love to hear from you. Read more.

EdisonReport is a leading source for breaking news stories that might not be found through the conventional media. EdisonReport consistently delivers the news first, and is one of the Industry’s most well-known and leading sources for news and information. Within the Lighting Industry, EdisonReport represents the industry’s most unique information and editorial presence. Read more.

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