The Role of LiFi in 6G

We will review the current trends in 6G. In this context will showcase the opportunities for optical wireless communications in general and LiFi in particular. We will provide examples of ongoing activities as part of the new 6G research platform in the UK: PlaTform DrIving The UltimAte CoNnectivity (TITAN) on the future network of networks (NoN). TITAN is a consortium of 16 universities in the UK.

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Eyes of Tomorrow: Zero-power 3D Passive Imaging via LiFi / VLC infrastructure

Time-of-Flight (ToF) is a rapidly growing field that seeks to improve the capabilities of computer vision applications by emitting photons and reconstructing the scene from the reflected photons. The aim of this work is to revolutionize the field of 3D imaging by introducing a novel approach: passive 3D ToF imaging via Light Fidelity (LiFi) or Visible Light Communication (VLC) technology. State-of-art ToF sensing suffers from high power consumption and thermal drifts caused by built-in illumination sources. Additionally, the background light is treated as a disturbance, unlike in passive imaging modalities.

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