The Role of LiFi in 6G

We will review the current trends in 6G. In this context will showcase the opportunities for optical wireless communications in general and LiFi in particular. We will provide examples of ongoing activities as part of the new 6G research platform in the UK: PlaTform DrIving The UltimAte CoNnectivity (TITAN) on the future network of networks (NoN). TITAN is a consortium of 16 universities in the UK.

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Light Communications Alliance: a key institution for a greener ICT

Light communication technologies are creating a new breakthrough to offer new added services in a sustainable way. In this presentation we will first present the Light Communication Alliance regrouping key actors of this domain. The missions of the Alliance as well as key messaging will be provided. In a second part, this presentation will show how this technology could play an important role to design greener end-to-end solutions by combining optical wired and wireless communication technologies while paving the way to heterogeneous technologies for access points.

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