On standardisation of LiFi and beyond

LiFi now has 2 market relevant standards including the IEEE 802.11bb and ITU-T G.9991. This talk will present the status of each and implementation options. The talk will also look at the remaining options for the standardization of LiFi and the next steps. Anyone interested in building LiFi standardized products should attend.

Presented by Nikola Serafimovski, VP. Standardization and Business Development, pureLiFi / Co-chairman, Light Communition Alliance.

Nikola is passionate about new technologies and seeing the potential they have to improve society. LiFi is a key driver to usher in a new age of connectivity! LiFi will certainly meaningfully shape connectivity throughout our society along with Quantum computing, AI and biotechnology/bioinformatics.

About Nikola Serafimovski
Nikola supports pureLiFi’s efforts to build a complete and comprehensive ecosystem for the deployment of LiFi systems. Has has worked closely with companies and organizations across a number of industry verticals to support efforts in the understanding, evaluation and deployment of LiFi systems. He is the former Chair of the IEEE 802.11bb Task Group on light communications, the 1st Vice-Chair of the Light Communications Alliance and supports various market engagement activities to create a LiFi ecosystem. Nikola has a Ph.D. from the University of Edinburgh in physical layer wireless communications and has worked for T-Home and T-Mobile before joining pureLiFi. .

About pureLiFi
We are LiFi visionaries, inventors and leaders driving technology that will revolutionise the way the world connects by:

  • Creating and innovating the technology we invented with a passionate and dedicated team
  • Producing world-leading products and solutions that revolutionises mobile communications
  • Being easy to do business with so that our customers and partners succeed
  • Sharing the knowledge of LiFi and educate the world on how LiFi will solve our connectivity challenges of the future

For more information visit the website.

Nikola Serafimovski is speaker at the 2023 edition of the LiFi Conference.

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