High Bandwidth LiFi Connections with high efficiency data transfers

A unique compound semiconductor structure using VCSELA (vertical cavity surface emitting laser arrays) offers record performance for speed, optical power and low SWaPC. The chip produces low coherent light in a single channel <1mm with ~0.5W and clocked at 25Gbps. The wavelength non coherence has scintillation mitigation properties enabling it to travel farther through the atmosphere. The chip can be produced in high volumes for a low fabrication cost.

A single chip has enough optical power and low divergence to send a 10Gbps link over 1 km. Wavelength, PAM, and spatial multiplexing are easy and adds innovative methods for routing paths and angular non mechanical beam steering. A number of developments in multiplexing and high power LiFi applications such as low latency gaming wireless connections, data plus power, and optical wireless data center design is in planning with multiple partners.

Presented by John Joseph, CEO / Founder, Inventor of LightGrid processing and architecture at OptiPulse Inc.

John is driven by the joy and wonder of what is possible by integrating a disruptive technology with other disruptive engineering disciplines can produce using revolutionary concepts to replace microwaves with NIR backhaul, fronthaul, last mile to LiFi.

He also sees that emerging technologies / trends like using AI to overcome inaccuracies in alignment of wireless links coupled with 3D point cloud mapping and 3D printing of alignment of TxRx components will revolutionize telecommunications using optical wireless backhaul meshed networks coupled with LiFi for last mile links, and LiFi home and office connectivity using parallel LiFi connectivity. The model may someday offer communications deployed in weeks not years for remote communities. Gaming and VR will benefit the most as the low latency connections from the high-speed wireless backhaul will create new markets.

About John Joseph
He designed, processed, and managed the development of high performance, record breaking, electro-optic on chip systems – specializing in vertical cavity surface emitting laser arrays (VCSELA) for communication, sensing, and power transfer. John and his colleagues worked at Sandia National Laboratories’ (Albuquerque, NM) Compound Semiconductor Research Laboratory (CSRL) late 1980s into the 1990s. Specialist in processing, including photolithographic and plasma physics for material depositions and etches, John created his own device designs and processing methods – including patented micro-optic lens arrays and packaging of on chip beam summing and shaping for high bandwidth free space optical communication

About OptiPulse Inc
Supplier of photonic chips and evaluation boards for OEM applications and leader of the Photonics Regional Innovation Engine in Farmington NM USA. For more information go to the website.

John Joseph is speaker at the 2023 edition of the LiFi Conference.

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