LiFi: a technology of the past, present or future? A realistic overview

The conference seeks to offer attendees a comprehensive overview of LiFi technology, addressing its past accomplishments, evaluating its present capabilities, and envisioning its future potential. By exploring the technology’s realistic prospects and limitations, this conference aims to contribute to the ongoing dialogue surrounding LiFi and its role in the ever-evolving landscape of wireless communication.

Théo photonic engineer and entrepreneur, and he believes that LiFi technology is a smart solution to current and future safety, environmental and health challenges. Related to this he thinks that in the short term the greatest potential is in use cases that require the minimum changes in infrastructures and devices. The future is yet to be invented, but follow his talk to discover his ideas.

About Théo Lazuech
LiFi engineer since 2015. Founded LiNA in 2018, an innovative startup specializing in LiFi technology applied to smart lighting, indoor positioning and access control solutions.. Based in Paris-Saclay.

About LiNA
LiNA is a startup specializing in LiFi technology (LED telecommunications), developing innovative access control and intelligent connected lighting solutions for businesses.
Today under-exploited, light has the particularity to be everywhere and to be the safest and most harmless means of communication.
We have developed new and innovative technical processes using LiFi for more agility, simplicity and security in building management.

For companies, coworking areas and hotels, we now have three solutions:

  • LiKEY, access control management via smartphone ;
  • LiSA, innovative & ecological smartlighting solution ;
  • LiMAP, management of interior spaces by intelligently relying on lighting (e.g. orientation of employees in the premises and actual occupancy management of meeting rooms).

Théo Lazuech, LiNA is speaker at the 2023 edition of the LiFi Conference.

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