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Moderator: Pieter Hermans, Jakajima
09:4010:05Light Communication Alliance: a key institution for a greener ICT by Dominique Chiaroni, Expert in Optical Networks, Bell Labs, NOKIA France / Vice-Chair, Light Communications Alliance
10:0510:30The Role of LiFi in 6G by Harald Haas, Distinguished Professor, University of Strathclyde
10:3010:55On standardisation of LiFi and beyond by Nikola Serafimovski, Co Chairman, Light Communications Alliance / VP. Standardization and Business Development, Purelifi
10:5511:20Coffee Break
LiFi: a technology of the past, present or future? A realistic overview by Théo Lazuech, CEO & Founder, LiNA
11:4512:10Very High Data Rate Optical Wireless Communication with Micro Organic LED by Luc Maret, Research Engineer in Wireless Communications, CEA-Leti, technology research institute
12:1012:35Systems, AI/ML Augmented LiFi by Professor Chen Chen, Chongqing University
12:3512:45Research Pitch
Eyes of Tomorrow: Zero-power 3D Passive Imaging via LiFi / VLC infrastructure by Faisal Ahmed, Marie Skłodowska-Curie Early Stage Researcher, center for Sensor Systems, Universität Siegen
12:4513:40Lunch Break
13:4014:05LINCNET: Exploring the Synergy of LiFi and Powerline Communication for Industrial and Medical Applications by Anil Mengi, Corporate Vice President, devolo AG
14:0514:30LiFi solutions for space applications by Benjamin Azoulay, President and CEO, OLEDCOMM
14:3014:55LiFi solutions for aeronautical applications by Markus Werner, Managing Partner aeroLiFi GmbH
14:5515:20VLC in 6G Mobile Communication by Liang XIA, Technical manager, China Mobile

15:2015:40Coffee Break
15:4016:05High Bandwidth LiFi Connections with high efficiency data transfers by John Joseph, CEO, OptiPulse
16:0516:30Light Fidelity (LiFi) & Blockchain by Roger Williams, Chief Executive Officer | Blockchain Adviser, Mobile Blockchain Solutions
16:3016:55Optoelectronic device and physical layer technology for high-speed underwater wireless optical communications by Professor Chao Shen, Fudan University

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