Eyes of Tomorrow: Zero-power 3D Passive Imaging via LiFi / VLC infrastructure

Time-of-Flight (ToF) is a rapidly growing field that seeks to improve the capabilities of computer vision applications by emitting photons and reconstructing the scene from the reflected photons. The aim of this work is to revolutionize the field of 3D imaging by introducing a novel approach: passive 3D ToF imaging via Light Fidelity (LiFi) or Visible Light Communication (VLC) technology. State-of-art ToF sensing suffers from high power consumption and thermal drifts caused by built-in illumination sources. Additionally, the background light is treated as a disturbance, unlike in passive imaging modalities.

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LINCNET: Exploring the Synergy of LiFi and Powerline Communication for Industrial and Medical Applications

The LINCNET project aims to advance LiFi (Light Fidelity) technology as a viable alternative for industry-specific applications. By harnessing the unlicensed optical spectrum, LiFi offers higher data rates in confined areas, particularly in buildings, and has the potential to provide increased security and reliability. The inherent properties of light as a wireless medium present numerous advantages for digital healthcare and industrial communication applications. Despite the demonstrated high potential of LiFi in these areas, cost-effective, integrated, and market-ready solutions are still lacking.

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LiFi: a technology of the past, present or future? A realistic overview

The conference seeks to offer attendees a comprehensive overview of LiFi technology, addressing its past accomplishments, evaluating its present capabilities, and envisioning its future potential. By exploring the technology’s realistic prospects and limitations, this conference aims to contribute to the ongoing dialogue surrounding LiFi and its role in the ever-evolving landscape of wireless communication.

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Consolite is Silver Partner of the LiFi Conference

Consolite is a leading designer, manufacturer and supplier of night vision lighting technology and also a leading producer of advanced warship lighting systems.
Our latest development is the design and manufacture of military LiFi communication systems. We are at the forefront of the latest technology. We have a full capability in design, development, manufacture and test of night vision lighting systems and other lighting equipment.

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LiFi in an office environment

In recent years, LiFi technology has emerged as an exciting new wireless communication technology that offers a range of benefits over traditional Wi-Fi. In this article, we will explore the reasons for installing LiFi in the office, which also has impacts for those organisations which do the installation, like electrical contractors, system integrators, architects, and building contractors.

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LiFi: The Future of Home Internet

The internet has become an essential part of our daily lives at home, and we rely on it for everything from work to entertainment. However, the traditional way of transmitting data through Wi-Fi is not without its limitations. That’s where LiFi comes in, which stands for Light Fidelity, a new technology that uses light waves to transmit data. Here are some of the advantages of having LiFi in your home.

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LiFi for the telecom / datacom industry

LiFi, short for Light Fidelity, is an emerging technology that uses light waves to transmit data, rather than radio waves used in Wi-Fi. Unlike Wi-Fi, LiFi uses visible light, infrared or ultraviolet to transmit data, which has a number of advantages over traditional wireless technologies. The telecom and datacom industry is taking notice of this promising technology as an additional platform for wireless communications, and here’s why:

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LiFi in space

LiFi, short for Light Fidelity, is a wireless communication technology that uses visible light instead of radio waves to transmit data. LiFi is based on the principle of Visible Light Communication (VLC), where LED lights are used as transmitters to send data to a receiver, which is typically a photodiode.

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